ssc coaching classesLakhs of students appear every year for the coveted SSC Exams some succeed the same year while some are determined to try their luck again the next year. It is often said that it takes minimum two years to crack the highly competitive SSC CGL exam. We are not sure as to what extent this statement is true, so let us find out.

This huge responsibility of selecting future government employees is assigned to the staff selection commission of India.  In the year 2014-2015 about 17 Lakh students appeared for SSC CGL and out of which about 1.4 lakh had cleared the first phase of examination i.e the tier 1 examination. In the current year about 35 Lakh candidates appeared for the exam and about 1.49 Lakh qualified tier 1, so it is clear that this number is ameliorating rapidly.

So when you are just beginning your quest to crack the SSC CGL exam you are faced with one important decision and that is the choice of your coaching institute.

 Many a student’s find it confusing to choose which coaching institute is the best for them but the answer lies in a trial class. It can help you determine many factors such as the location of the institute, your budget, the style of teaching in the institute etc.

 But before we go deeper into this question, one wonders what is the benefit or the need of a coaching institute? Can one prepare without joining a coaching institute?

For any mission in life we have always required a teacher or mentor who can guide us through the procedure of the attainment of one’s goals for example we need teachers in schools, a professor in college, we need a trainer in sports and a working professional needs a director in an office, the same can be understood in the pretext of coaching institutes.

It is very important that your studies are guided by a mentor who can not only track your progress but also help you outline your weak points. SSC exam covers a vast syllabus specially in General Knowledge therefore one must know how to pick only what is relevant from the exam point of view but this information can only be shared to you by a mentor who has been following SSC Exams since many years. A majority of students who appear for SSC exams are well versed with math formulas but SSC requires more than that, a mentor brings out the level of accuracy and speed in problem solving that you must attain to succeed in this exam.  Weekly test series also plays a major role in determining your success in these exams.

Coaching in the right institute with the competitive atmosphere helps you to overcome your flaws and shows you an easier and faster approach to this exam.

Studying on your own can not only become monotonous but it can also affect you psychologically, whereas meeting students and discussing problems with them in groups has positive effects on one’s mind and keeps one away from depression and anxiety. Therefore, it is important to have a proper plan before one starts studying for SSC exams.

It is important to follow your dreams but it is more important to follow it in the right manner.