English is an important part of SSC CGL Exam. English is a scoring & time saving section. Candidate can score high in SSC CGL Exam if he / She prepared for English in a proper manner & can improve his/her overall score in SSC CGL exam. According to the SSC CGL exam date notifications, exam will start from 27th august.Exam pattern has changed & Now English section has only 25 questions, each carries two marks.

SSC CGL English has the Following Topics to Cover –
1. Vocabulary
2. Grammar
3. Comprehension

How to score high in SSC CGL Vocabulary section?
In SSC CGL Exam, you have to face vocabulary in following subtopics
1. Antonyms
2. Synonyms
3. Idioms
4. Spelling
5. Fill in the blanks
Vocabulary is the important factor of SSC CGL Exam –
1. There are direct questions are asked from the antonyms & synonyms.
2. You can read the passage faster if your vocabulary is good.
3. In comprehension passage questions are in format “What is the meaning of “ABC” sentence?

How to score high in SSC CGL Grammar section?
In SSC CGL Exam, you have to face English grammar in following subtopics.
1. Sentence Improvement
2. Active & Passive
3. Direct & Indirect speech
4. Sentence Correction

How to score high in SSC CGL Comprehension?

It includes Compression & Sentence arrangement

  1. The single thing I can suggest you for this — Practice

       2. Solve SSC CGL previous year question paper as many as you can.